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Technology is embedded in the game of Chess, modernizing makes it accessible and engaging for students. The gaming application is developed to create a platform for Chess players from different locations to practice Chess with different levels and varying opponents. Although Chess is a one-player game, at Chess Era we can make a team for a more engaging and challenging experience.

Our vision is to make Chess accessible throughout the world and bring all the Chess players under one roof and build a community. Structured courses are designed to raise student’s IQ levels. A new generation of Chess community is formed to participate and compete in this mind game. This app is designed in a way to provide a common platform for Chess players across different locations, bringing all together under one roof to form a Chess community.


Affordable and resourceful

  • Coaches can save time by using online services provided by Chess Era.

Game based Learning

  • Chess Era is developed with learning at its core. Applying logic in a strategical method is a skill players learn at Chess Era.

Discussion Panel post homework

  • students can discuss a different approach for every situation encountered during the match.

Virtual connectivity

  • Practice anywhere anytime - train your mind by virtually connecting to players across time zones and locations.


  •  Select your game opponent as friend/ coach /computer

  •  Option to choose Rated and Non-rated games

  •  Watch your friend’s game in War Zone as a third person.

  •  Flexible Time games available: Daily, live and custom.

  •  Upload puzzles, workbooks, assignments, and Homeworks from various sources

  •  Navigate your moves that are stored in Game Analysis after completion of a match

  •  The strengths and weaknesses of the players can be easily identified by the work tracker.

  •  Create a closed group of the network to practice with your team with a set of players

  •  Puzzles can be solved at our own pace and discuss various approaches amongst the team.

  •  Chess academies can use this app for connecting with their students to form a closed group.

  •  Online Tournament: Open and categories tournament based on age

  •  Online Tournaments conducted for participants to compete and increase their gaming skills

  •  Tournaments have different age categories tournaments, open tournaments with attractive price rewards.

Our clients


Who are we??

Santhosh L.

CEO and Co-founder

Sandeep Naidu

Advisor, CEO Ekagra Chess Academy

Saroja B K

Creative Director

Santhosh :   Technology has given us an opportunity to learn and assimilate newer methods of gaming. We have made Chess accessible for everyone by bringing innovative techniques for a player to track, progress and grow at an exponential pace. Utilize this platform to sky-rocket your Chess career. 

Saroja :   Chess is a brain game. Combining Chess with technology has opened innumerable doors for players to learn by creating their own group. Online gaming is the trend now and everyone should make use of Chess Era for efficient utilization of time, energy and other essential resources. 

Sandeep :   Senior coach with 15+ years of experience. National Medalist, International Rated Player. Trained more than 5000+ students and worked with grand masters. 

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